Woot woot! Huzzah! And all that Jazz for 2009.

Resolution sounds alot like a deadline to me, which is great but I always have tons of deadlines for my writing and other stuff. So this year, I thought I would make up a goal that was fun, wouldn’t induce a monstrous breakdown if it failed and didn’t add extra pressure to my existing deadlines. With me?

So, for 2009 I am going to do something completely new every single month.

Sounds fun right? When I say something new it can be anything from cooking dinner from scratch (doubt it) to jumping out of an aeroplane (umm…). If I can talk to the right people, I really want to ride in a submarine, bash down a building with one of those wrecking balls and learn to kung fu some ass! Total awesomeness!

I’ll let you know on January’s new thingy when I’ve thought of it. If you’ve got any suggestions, post them through as well.


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