You may know that I am researching all things mermaid-y for my awesome new book. (Yes, it is still in the ‘awesome’ stage as I haven’t started the actual writing part yet. In my brain it is totally award-winning.) Now, I have a habit of googling at work, but I decided to ask google the following questions at home, where I can’t be fired and marched out of the building:
1. Do mermaids poop?

2. How do mermaids procreate?
Yep, I’m asking the important questions in life. But seriously, as a writer of a mermaid story, I need to know these things.
It turns out alot of people have answers to these questions (check it out, you know you want to) and there are heaps of pics of very sultry mermaids and random chicks in homemade outfits trying very hard to look sultry (hilarious!).

I have more work to do in the area but the general opinion is that their bottom halves work like a fish…uh-huh. In terms of mermaid lovin’, the public seem to believe that mermaids use a magic item, like a cape or hat, to change into a human form and can mingle with us humans until they come into contact with water again. But it all sounds a bit too easy for my liking. I like to put my characters through hell, it’s just one of the perks of the job.
And just for good measure –

Two very lost mermaids…

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