Yes, it’s my blog and I’ll whinge if I want to!
So my writing was steaming along until life came in and ruined everything. Lately I have been doing so much overtime at work that even choosing a dvd to watch while I eat my (pre-made) dinner is actually quite stressful.
Yeah. That’s bad.
At this point in my ‘what’s the point of it all’ cycle (I have these every few months), I say to myself, “damn the man! I’m going to find a new job with as little hours as possible and just write!”
And for some reason in that process of mucking about on seek etc, I hit something that makes me think about keeping my job a little longer. Like Justine Larbalestier’s recent post.
Grrrr to logical thought and wisdom and reason. They ruin all my great ideas!
And to end on a positive note: only two more days until my easter holidays. Hooray for me!


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