For the record, I haven’t been sooking this long. My pity parties only last 24 hours before I’m over it and motivated again. I am pleased to say that I am having a very motivated week and I thought I would share how I set goals with my writing to keep me going.
The basic method is that I have this massive goal in my head (like write 45000 words in my week-long holiday) and then I map out a little calendar of how many words/chapters I have to write in a day to do this.
However, there is a part to my writing plan which would upset most people: I never reach my goal.
Ok, never is a long time – but I have never met one of my writing goals so far. Why? I’m just naturally ambitious and determined (and perhaps stupid) and I love aiming for things that are seemingly impossible.
I’m not a fast writer and I really enjoy getting sidetracked during my writing time – so for me, 45000 words even with nothing planned in the whole week is massive. But I’m competitive and I like challenges, so this method works for me. Even if I end the week 5000 or 10000 words less than what I wanted, I would have achieved more than being safe or realistic about my goals.
So, should you or your best friend or your Gran try my method of goal setting for their book?
Because it will drive you (or your friend or Gran) totally mental. Just because it works for me doesn’t mean I don’t despair when I’m behind in my writing and it doesn’t stop my brain turning to goo because I’ve been staring at my computer all day.
Right now my writing plan is working and it’s honestly worth the brain goo.



  1. Wow – I learnt a lot about you in this post 🙂 Your energy and driving ambition comes through clearly. It’s great that you know what works best for you – I think that’s the most important thing with goal setting.Not surprisingly, I’m completely opposite! I’m quite conservative with my goals. That way each day I go above and beyond and feel awesome and inspired to keep going. Then on bad days, I still feel good because I’ve still achieved my goal. For whatever reason this way makes me the most productive. It’s all a game we play with our minds, isn’t it? And it’s just knowing which game suits our personality types best!Katherine

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