Yep, I’m bashing out the last of my vomit draft tonight and I’m wondering what other people write to.

I have to say for this draft, I have been writing to Muse. Non stop Muse. I think it works for me because it’s passionate and dramatic, but their songs don’t stress me out like a movie soundtrack (have you tried to write to the Requiem for a Dream cd?) and I don’t end up singing along either (Justin Timberlake or Beyonce are totally distracting).

I admit that I only tried writing to Muse because of Stephenie Meyer. She has made no secret about writing to them and I’m pretty sure has even included Muse in her book dedications but it is really working for me. And no, Pandora has not suddenly fallen in love with an Inca vampire. That would be ridiculous.

But back to my question, what do you write to or what do you think would be good background music for a writer?


2 thoughts on “WHAT DO YOU WRITE TO?

  1. I so wish I had a more interesting answer for you, but I can’t write to music! I need silence. Music and song lyrics distract me from the words in my mind. But I do use music to heighten an emotion before writing a tricky scene. I’ve been known to use Radiohead or Postal Service before writing a sad scene, and Ben Folds for a light one, and yes, even Muse for an action one 🙂 Didn’t know that about Meyer though – makes sense I suppose!While illustrating I need music though. Love musical sound tracks, probably because of the narrative thread to them. My regulars are Lion King and Wicked. Good fun.Katherine

  2. I have Windows Media Player on random. You never know what’s going to come up next. Sometimes I put a movie on in the background instead. Predator is one of my favs.

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