I have days when I wish I hadn’t told other people that I’m writing a book. I’m not talking about other writers, I mean the people at work or in my other classes who may not even read books.

No matter how much I explain they just don’t get it and they keep asking the same questions.

Q: Have you finished the book yet?
A: Yes, but I’m writing it all over again. Books go through many drafts.
*get confused stare from interrogator*

Q: So do you hand it over to an editor now and they fix it for you?
A: Hell no. No one is that crazy. I do my own editing until it is ready for publishers/agents to read and if they like it, I rewrite and edit all over again.
*get vacant nod from interrogator*

Q: When do I get to read it?
A: When it’s published and on the shelves.
*get small snicker and comment on my marketing prowess from interrogator*

Q: So do you just put it up on the internet when it’s done for people to read?
A: No, I’ll submit to agents/publishing houses that I think might be interested. That in itself could take more than a year depending on what happens.
*by this time interrogator’s eyes have glazed over and I wonder why they bothered asking*

Fellas, you asked me these questions last week!

To be fair, there are some really great people who aren’t writers but seem to understand what I do. I have one friend at work that clips out writing competitions for me and another who lends me his anthropology and archaeology books for my research.

If you’re feeling brave, let me know what your most commonly asked questions are or if you have a standard story to distract interrogators from their very annoying questions. I’m considering telling people that aliens are helping me write my book in the hope that will be enough to scare them off but I’m up for ideas.



  1. These conversations make me want to pull my hair out. It’s so easy to forget how others view the industry. That’s why writers need to surround themselves with other writers! I recently had a very revealing conversation with a good friend of mine, who I thought was the most understanding about the way this all works (because she holds vague ambitions of being a writer). It went something like this:Her: So, how’s your novel going?Me: I’m doing the latest re-write.Her: With the publisher?Me: Ah … what publisher?Her: Well, you have a novel, so don’t you have a publisher?Me: (Launch into a explanation about just how hard it is to not only complete a novel to publishable standard, but then actually find someone who wants to publish it)Her: Not to worry, I’m sure your book will be on shelves before Christmas.Argh!!! Can I borrow your Alien idea?Katherine

  2. Haha! I’ve had people ask if I’ll use them as a character in my book, offers from others who want to entertain at my book launch and then there’s a few asking for invitations to dine at my castle (JK Rowling-style) when I’m famous.It’s completely mental!The alien idea is up for grabs. I might even script up a new one this week just for kicks 😀

  3. I wouldn’t suggest an alien. Thats just too enticing and would actually perk someone up. I would suggest using huge big words, try and find the oldest latin words and string them together, dropping in english every so often so they don’t think your exotic and watch the boredom set in as they see something shiny. … I speak from experience…. of seeing something shiny and totally forgetting what that someone was talking about.

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