It’s times like these that I wouldn’t mind a muse to float around and help me edit my manuscript. It could be freaky but it also has potential for awesomeness.

I was thinking what it would be like if writers had muses, just like in Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials trilogy where people have daemons. I could have this spirit to read over my work and give me feedback at whatever time in the night. Or they could whisper in my ear when I am about to write something completely ridiculous. Or maybe we could tag-team the whole writing and editing thing and I would keep my sanity in check. It sounds good doesn’t it?

Immediately I knew that my muse would look like this…

Yes. My muse would be Olivia Newton-John from Xanadu.

No, I don’t know why either.
Yes, my muse would come complete with glitter, rainbow racing stripes (only when roller skating)and bonus cd.


2 thoughts on “OH! FOR A MUSE OF EDITING!

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