I’m not sure what it is about May, but yet again I am too ill and busy to get out to all the great activities and lectures on for National Archaeology Week. *heavy sigh* Though, I have been up to some nerdy historical stuff this week.

I’ve been playing around on the Cyark website, which shows project details and 3D scans of various archaeological sites. From what I’ve read this is still fairly new technology and is not used on every site but the best part is plebs like us can check it all out for free. Huzzah!
I have also finally figured out Google Earth! It’s not rocket science, I just didn’t realise I needed to download it on to my computer to use it (yeah, yeah shut up already). This is just an image I saved from trying to figure out the path of the Incas once they began to rebel against the Spanish conquistadors and also where Pandora and her dad are in my contemporary storyline.

I’m still working on it but you get the idea.


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