A few weeks ago, I was watching the documentary, Cracking the Maya Code, when a photo of this guy came up on screen…

Meet Russian linguist, Yuri Knorosov.

When this came on screen I started laughing so hard, I cried. Don’t most people try to look happy and sociable in photos? Even the cat looks like his evil sidekick. He makes me want to yell out, “Next time, Gadget!” and smash my fist on the desk like The Claw.

All bad guys need an evil cat sidekick
As soon as I see a photo like this one, I’m already putting a story together in my head. Just have a look at this later photo of him…Even in colour, he’s still pissed off! This guy is so awesome!

***Update: And just for something completely different, I’ve found this column about tearing-up in Sci-fi films by John Scalzi. Read through the comments as well, it’s fascinating to see the moments in films that made other people reach for the Kleenex.***


  1. That's an awesome photo! I was singing the gadget theme song even before I read on and you mentioned it.And I'm a terrible example for Kleenex moments – it doesn't take much to make me cry. I cried in Transformers for poor misunderstood Bumble-bee, I cried in Terminator 2 when Arni sinks into the molten metal, and I sob (no matter how many times I watch it) in The Incredibles when they're in the plane and Mum is freaking out and yelling 'There are children on board!' – dead serious when I say one of the most distressing scenes ever!Yes, I'm a sucker. But you didn't admit any of your secret tear jerkers! Confess!Kath

  2. Fine. I'll confess. 1. LOTR trilogy – I'm ok until the end of Fellowship when Samwise Gamgee tries to swim towards Frodo because he made a promise to stay with him. From then on, it's tissue town.2. Wall-E. I had no idea I would need tissues for that one. But Wall-E is one of the most incredible fictional characters ever. Even just thinking about is getting to me!3. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind – the concept is spec-fic so I'm counting this. This is one of my all-time favourite films but the beginning credits where Jim Carrey is sobbing at the wheel of his car is amazing. It just about kills me everytime.

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