When the world seems to go crazy, I start to think about holidays. (Actually, I’m always thinking about it.) My last trip was to Peru and I’m really missing the peace and isolation of the jungle. So I thought for kicks, I’d put up some photos of the lodge I stayed at.

After a short flight to Tambopata, a ride in a minibus, a long trip on the river in a peque peque (like a big motorised canoe) and a thirty minute walk, this was my first glimpse of the lodge.

The most distinguishing feature of my room in the lodge was the missing wall. Eco-tourism, huh? Nothing brings you closer to nature than an open wall in your bedroom. I thought it would make me too anxious to sleep probut on the first night I slept like the dead. After the traffic rage in Lima and the headache-inducing altitude of Cusco, this lodge was exactly what I needed.

I never had a tarantula in my boots or a jaguar attack in my sleep, but one of the rooms did have a little family of pygmy bats living in the roof. The guides also told us to keep all food and medicine locked in the safe just in case the monkeys smelled it and got curious.

This was the eco-friendly bathroom, also complete with a view.

When I saw that the shower only had one tap, I decided to wait until the sun was up and warming the water tanks outside. It didn’t work. The water was always freaking freezing and I’ve never been so damn fast in the bathroom. Over the next few days, I heard the squeals of newcomers taking their first shower and wondered if I had screamed that loud as well.

I miss this place alot at the moment. I’m not a calm-yoga-meditation kind of girl but I felt very peaceful in the jungle and I’ve promised myself that I will go back. I just wish that day was tomorrow.


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