I google way too much. I’m the kind of person that researches my symptoms online before I see the doctor and I google long, ridiculous questions just to see what it brings up. Apart from being a total time vacumn, the internet has heaps of great information for writers, like these ones below:

If you want advice on the process of writing, editing and submitting then visit Nathan Bransford’s Writing Advice Database post.

If you want advice on writing an awesome query letter then check out the Call my Agent blog for Agent Sydney’s example of a great query as well as critiques on a number of query letters. If you want an American perspective check out Query Shark.

If anyone has any favourites, feel free to share them in the comments section below.

But please be careful, there is also a whole lot of crap on the internet that is written for aspiring writers. Read different sources, form your own opinion and follow your instincts.


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