Take the pressure off and start soaking up the perks of being unpublished:

1. No Deadlines
I am a very deadline-orientated person and I give myself targets all the time. You know what the best part is? I make up the deadlines! Yes, all by myself! I don’t have to answer to anyone and it doesn’t actually matter if I don’t make the timeframe.

I’m the boss.

2. Time to Experiment
I can write whatever I want. I could write fantasy and then play with a historical romance without worrying about publisher or reader expectations. I have time to strengthen my writing style before I approach people as a YA writer or Spec-fic writer or that-writer-who-is-crazy-about-ninja lobsters.

Would you still be my friend if I wrote a book about lobsters?

3. Development Programs
I can enter programs that are designed to help writers with little or no publishing record. The Australian Society of Authors mentorship was one such program that has improved my writing beyond my expectations.

My mentor makes me do this all the time.

Feel free to add to my list if you can think of more.


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