The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences have made a statement that there will be ten nominations for Best Picture category in the next Oscars, rather than the usual five.

I think this is great news and should open up the running for more popular genre flicks, musicals and foreign films. Too often these sort of awards dismiss popular film in search of some kind of notion of what high art should be. These ‘high art’ thingamajigs usually have no fantasy elements, no song and dance numbers and no car chases which cuts out a whole lot of amazing films.

I know the reasoning behind it all is about upping viewer ratings and already there are news articles telling us that nothing will really change but I guess we’ll have to see. To me, opening up the category to ten films, gives the best of popular cinema and genre films a chance to shine.

And while I’m on the topic of popular films, you really have to jump on to YouTube and watch Harry Potter the Musical. It is seriously brilliant and hilarious.


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