My head is a muddle with many things at the moment with things of pure awesome and other things that do not excite me whatsoever.

In all of this madness, I found my notes from a workshop with Australian writer, Margo Lanagan, at the 2008 Brisbane Writer’s Festival. If you don’t know her work then you must immediately drop everything and get yourself to a bookshop or library and get reading!

I wanted to share with you another way of looking at your stories as taught to me by Margo –

The Heart of the story: invoking the empathy or the emotion of the characters in your reader.
The Guts: the physical and tactile which makes the reader feel they are undergoing the events in your story
The Soles of the Feet: the character’s revelation from the story’s events.
I love this so much I’m about to bluetack it to my writing desk. It’s so vivid and honest that I can’t help but get right inside the story, whether it’s my own writing or someone else’s.

If you ever have the chance to do a writing class with Margo Lanagan, I highly recommend it.



  1. Wow – those are great ways of looking at your stories afresh. Margo is a brilliant storyteller (it's a shame her short stories give me horrendous nightmares). I'll keep an eye out for any workshops she's running in the future.Katherine

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