Sometimes when I write, I actually act it out too.

There, I said it.

Sometimes, it might be an action and I can’t figure out the words without doing it. I might sit at my desk, picking my diary up over and over trying to understand if my character is just picking it up or grabbing it or are they snatching it?

Other times I am pulling faces at my laptop trying to re-learn how my face moves when I’m angry and then there are other occasions where there is too much action for my little brain to handle and I need to step it out a little. (Plus, I can only sit still in front of a computer for so long before I get fidgety.)

Why am I admitting this today? Well, because this morning I booked myself into a beginners course in armed combat. Huzzah!

Occasionally, I may tell people that I am doing this for research for one of my projects. But to be honest, I am only doing it because it will make me feel like an action hero.



  1. I love your confessions – you always normalise things for me! Yes, I do this too. I'm doing a picture book on little monsters at the moment, and was literally romping around the house, trying to get their exaggerated movements right so I could draw them…You should so dress as a Johnny Depp pirate for your first armed combat class.Katherine

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