Last week, I was running around like an idiot working on a video audition and a writing competition. As of ten o’clock this morning, both are submitted and even better, I have no deadlines left this week. Huzzah!

I have to say that I don’t have post-submission panic attacks. After submission, I instantly forget how stressed and frantic I was preparing for the audition/competition (which is great otherwise, I would never do it again) and I just let it go.
It’s no longer mine to judge. It’s out there in the world and I get the opportunity to see what other people think of my work. Obviously, I want to win. (Uh, who doesn’t like winning stuff?) but that is not my decision and if it was within my power, it wouldn’t be as much fun.
I like to celebrate after I submit my work, so this is what I did today to pause and recharge:

1. Visited the Gallery of Modern Art.
I get nervous in art galleries. It’s not the quiet; it’s the guards/attendants and I always panic that I’m standing too close and I’m about to set off an alarm. (Yeah, I’ve done it before and should have seen those security guards run!) I saw some beautiful pieces and stories. I also saw pieces that will probably give me nightmares for the rest of the year (see #5).

2. Had lunch in a cafe and soaked up the Brisbane sunshine.
The thing about writing and day jobs etc is that sunshine becomes a novelty. It’s something I would only see through a window during a coffee break. So when I have the time, I go for walks in the sunshine. It makes me feel more free and alive.

3. Watched Spaced.
I had never heard of this tv show until I got it on loan from a friend. It’s completely mad and has made me realise that I want to write and act in my own tv show within the next few years. I love it when little dreams like that pop up.

4. Read a few chapters of Spirit Walker by Michelle Paver.
It’s the second in a series and it’s beautiful. I also have a massive pile of unread books that I am trying to get through this month.

5. Nanna-napped.
First up, I am a fan of the nanna-nap. But really, this only gets I mention because I had a really vivid dream. In the dream, I was at a garden-setting dinner party and I found a white rabbit under my chair. Once I held it, the rabbit took me into Alice’s Wonderland. I blame the Gallery of Modern Art – there was some seriously trippy stuff there. Also, I blame Tim Burton for not yet releasing an offical trailer for Alice.

These two pictures are of Ron Mueck’s “In Bed” which is probably the most disturbing piece I saw at GOMA. It looks too real. I kept imagining her reaching out and grabbing me and crushing me to death with her massive hands.


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