Books taught me that even the smallest, most ordinary person can make a difference in the world. I believe in this with all of my heart and now, I am appealing to you to stand up for what you believe in.

The Australian Government is currently deciding whether they will lift the current territorial copyright protection on Australian books. I am against this proposal. If you have only just crawled out from under your rock and have no clue what I’m talking about, then start here.

There’s plenty of things about this debate that I don’t understand. Like how books are expensive when it costs the same amount of money to buy a movie ticket. Or how writers are greedy when so many of them need dayjobs to survive. Or how my country could care so little for our culture and our arts industry.

But if you love books, television and movies please read up on the current debate about Parallel Importation. Saving Aussie Books is a great site to keep up to date and get informed. Also, Agent Sydney makes a great statement here, that reminds us that there will be a rollover effect into our film and television industry.

You can make a difference by writing letters to the politicians right now. Click here to have a look at pointers on how to write one and some great examples.

You can make a difference by boycotting companies like Dymocks, who (believe it or not) are not campaigning for the good of the public but for their own profits.

You can make a difference by being educated and by helping others understand the whole story.

If you care about Australian books, then I am asking for your help. Now is not the time to hope that it will work out fine. It is not the time to hope that there are enough of us to stand against this proposal. It’s time to act.

Because Australian stories and the Australian publishing industry are worth fighting for.


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