I have been keeping silent about my progress in swordfighting classes, so I thought it was about time to start answering your questions.

1. Isn’t that dangerous?
Uh…let’s see. Sword (sharp, shiny weapon that can kill you) + Fighting (trying to hurt someone) = yes.

This morning, one of my partners didn’t block properly and my sword skipped up and hit right beside his eye. I panicked for a second but he was fine. We’re training; so we’re not hitting hard and we’re learning to control our shots which is the only reason he wasn’t hurt. This is my second week out of the beginners course and I’ve been rapped on the fingers and hit across the stomach but mostly it’s because I’ve done something wrong. Sword class is the worst time to drift into a daydream. Trust me.
Also, the only ‘protection’ I wear are my gloves, which are more to help with gripping the sword than anything else. I’m not running around in chainmail; I sweat enough in class thank you very much. It’s a matter of the more advanced I get, the more I get to play with.

2. What kind of sword?
As soon as my sword arrives I will taking photos and posting them. But I’m learning traditional western sword and I’ve been working with a single-handed Marshall like this.

People seem to get a bit excited over this part and start asking if I’m using a broadsword or a cutlass or blah blah blah. The picture above is what I’m learning with. Again, when I get the hang of this sword I can start playing with more. For those that have been asking, I’m not even thinking about katanas until I’ve been working with Western swords for about two years. Katanas are scary.

3. What made you want to start sword?
I’m not exactly sure but I know I’ve been wanting to learn for years. If I’m honest, it was probably the movies that inspired me. That seems to be a running theme in my life. If I see something cool in a movie, then I wonder if I could do it. Also, I grew up on Chinese cinema, especially Jackie Chan movies before he moved into Hollywood film, so I’ve always been awed by both hand-to-hand combat and weapons.

Now that I’m getting to class more I’ve discovered that swordfighting is great for fitness, strength and co-ordination. I am sweating by the end of the class and it’s a hell of a lot more fun than running on a treadmill. Plus, I love the look of absolute suprise on people’s faces when I tell them that I’m learning swordfighting. Priceless.



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