For the first time since I started learning sword fighting, I’ve re-written one of my fight scenes. I didn’t start these classes for my writing; I signed up because it sounded cool and I have an affinity for controlled violence.

But my knowledge and experience from class has given me more confidence in writing a few of my fight scenes. I was making Francisco Pizarro slice and dice some Inca rebels this afternoon and it worked really well. Once I had placed the Inca attackers in a certain position, I could figure out what cuts and thrusts would be the most effective to kill them off. It’s only because of my sword fighting classes that I could vary his moves and make it realistic.

It wasn’t too hard. After all, the Incas had padded cotton shirts, spears, slings and clubs against Spanish steel body armour, swords and guns. The Spanish horses were a great advantage as well; from horseback it’s pretty easy to thrust a sword down into someone’s neck or just slit their throats.

Poor, ill-equipped Incas. The Incas had the advantage of numbers but the conquistadors weaponry and tactics were too advanced for the Empire to defend itself.


…versus Inca

It’s a pity I have so few swordfights in this book but I’ve found a way to console myself. I’ll be learning grappling for the hand-to-hand fight scenes and visiting a shooting gallery for some lessons soon. Woot!



  1. I'm a fan of Mr Inca's dress and cut-off pants. He's so ahead of his time.Glad the sword fighting just happens to be helping your writing. It means it will be tax deductible one day…Katherine

  2. Due to the Brisbane heatwave, I'm going for the Inca outfit. It's breezy and would take about two second to put on in the mornings.Though the Conquistadors did win, which is obviously due to their superior steel hats…it's a tough one.

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