I’m in the process of planning my trip to Tokyo for December/January, which is fun and a little nervous-making. The fun part is making the big list of things I need to see and do this time around. It’s only the budgeting and currency converter that makes the whole process a little frightening.

But while I’m planning, I think of the funny moments I had on my last trip to Tokyo and laugh out loud at completely inappropriate times. The following is not one of my photos (obviously) but it reminds me of some of the awesome signs that I saw in Japan…

I love Japan! If anyone wants to add to my expensive list of sight-seeing and activities in Japan, please do.


3 thoughts on “HOLIDAY PLANNING

  1. Ha! Those Japanese people are so adorably crazy :)Please please please blog about your trip and all you get up to – I'm desperate to go to Japan, and will happily live through you (and take notes for my future trip). Just beware of stalking ninjas.Katherine

  2. Hey, Snap! We are off to Japan in January for a Grizwald family vacation. Be afraid, Land of the Cherry Blossom, be very afraid. (Of us, not you. They're used to sword-wielding whacky funsters over there, so you'll be fine.) 🙂

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