One more shift to go at the writer’s festival and then it’s all over for another year. It’s busy, chaotic, fun and exhausting. So exhausting that I haven’t been able to writer since Tuesday, which makes me a little cranky. I don’t like taking time out from writing. I like to get a rhythm going and to keep on top of it everyday but sometimes that’s not possible and I have to adjust.

Even though I don’t have the time or brain power to write, I still work on my story. It never seems like the same amount of progress but at least I’m keeping the characters and plot alive in my head.

Here are some of the tasks I set myself when my brain doesn’t work enough to write:

1. More research
I don’t believe research stops until the book is published. If I learn something that will improve my story, it’s going in.

2. Draw up location maps
Sometimes I pin point locations in a city and other times, I just need a visual to remember where I placed the bedroom window.

3. Re-reading my manuscript
To keep the story fresh in my head and to read over chapters with fresh eyes to see if they are as good as I thought they were three weeks ago.

4. Research/plot the next book
It’s fun and I’m going to need something ready to tackle after this project.

5. Read
I basically read in my genre anyway, but I learn about my own writing style from dissecting other novels.


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