The Brisbane Writer’s Festival is over for another year and my post-festival writing catch-up has begun. This year, I learned two little pearls of wisdom from a session with Tobsha Learner and Marianne de Pierres, that I am (or at least trying) to incorporate into my writing.

1. Avoid writer’s burnout.
I guess writer’s burnout is similar to pushing an extra thirty minutes at the gym only to come home with shin splints. It’s a great idea at the time but it hurts the next day.

I’m a stubborn human being and I always push myself too hard. The only reason I don’t have shin splints right now is because I hate the gym. There have been many times when I’ll stay up late writing and then force myself back into it the next morning. It never works; my brain is fatigued and I’m still fidgety from staring at the computer all night.

The trick is to leave your writing at a point where you want to come back to it the next day. A that point where you know that you could do just a little more – stop! Keep that enthusiasm and drive for the next time you open your manuscript. The extra five hundred words probably won’t be worth it the next day when you have brain goo.

2. Work on more than one project at a time.
Marianne de Pierres said that to conquer distraction, she’ll play with another writing project. It makes sense to me. If I can’t push forward by editing one project; I could stare at the computer screen or I could start planning for another book.

So while I’m doing another structural edit on Blood Sun, I am preparing a new project. Yes, you may remember me talking about it before but mermaids are going to make a comeback. I’ve been brainstorming scenes, characters and world building for my mermaid tale which I’m finding is a very rewarding distraction.



  1. Two great pieces of advice. I'm an especially big fan of #2: I used to feel guilty about working on more than one project at a time, as if I wasn't devoting my entire being to one project, but I keep hearing of more and more writers who work this way. It works for me!Can't wait to hear more about your mermaid story as it develops…Katherine

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