So, I’m wondering how worked-up you get when one of your favourite books is turned into a film?

Personally, I get crazy excited about the book-to-film transformation. It’s as though Christmas has come early and I’m googling for the IMDB page to tell me the casting and production rumours. My obsession with books and films is much the same.

It’s not to say I don’t get nervous or disappointed at times. I was nervous when I realised that the film version of A Series of Unfortunate Events was to encompass the first three books. I thought that would rush the story and cut out too much for me to get involved with the characters. I was wrong. It was an amazing film that held the mood of the books and even incorporated some of my favourite lines from the series.

The reason I bring it up is that the film version of Darren Shan’s Cirque Du Freak: The Vampire’s Assistant is coming to Aussie cinemas in January. As a whole, I loved this series; it was dark, adventurous and fun. I wanted to see it before I knew John C. Reilly was playing Mr. Creepsley and Salma Hayeck was playing Madame Truska, the Beared Lady. The casting of those two actors was a real hook for me to see this in the cinema.

This morning I watched the trailer for the first time. I find book adaptation trailers hard to judge because I already know the story so well, but I was intrigued by the comments from fans. With less than three minutes to go by, some Darren Shan fans are already angry over casting choice and even slight changes in storyline or additions.

I get worked up over books and films very easily but when it comes to the book-to-film-mutation, I think I’m a little more relaxed than other fans. During my uni days, I learned that film adaptations are not supposed to be ‘the book’. They are what they say, ‘an adaptation’ or even just ‘the inspiration’ to create the film. Some scenes that read well in a book just don’t translate on to the big screen and some sub-plots are more time consuming than they are worth.

What are your thoughts? Have you been pleasantly surprised or totally disappointed by a book adaptation? Is there one that you’re desperate to see?

Personally, I’m hoping that the film version of Scott Westerfeld’s Uglies makes it to the cinema. The big screen needs more hoverboards…



  1. I'm like you – I'm a bit more laid back about film adaptations, because I know they often need significant adjustment to have the same impact on screen. That said, I'm not always happy with the new versions! I sometimes find them hard to watch, even though I understand the reasons for the changes :)But bring them on, I say!Katherine

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