And I totally sucked…

I’m reading Lamplighter, the second book in D.M. Cornish’s Monster Blood Tattoo series and I love his sketches. It seems that every chapter has a character sketch that is so beautiful and so full of energy that it inspired me to give it a try.

In one of my projects, I have a group of characters that are very similar in their desires and fears, and I thought a quick facial sketch of each of these people would help shape them into individuals. It worked. I’ve given each character something that sets them apart from the rest, for example a scar or a certain type of facial piercing. The facial sketches will be really helpful in checking my own continuity with these characters throughout my book and bringing them to life.

But my drawings make me laugh. I had forgotten how hard it is to draw the outline of a face; some of my characters have oval faces, square faces and one looks like a potato head. Did I mention that these are characters that are supposed to be frightening? Some of the sketches do have a sinister look in their eyes but they are outnumbered by the faces with bulging eyes that look like they are doped up.

Will I be sharing my drawings with you? Hell no. It seems these things are best left to the professionals.

One of D.M. Cornish’s sketches of Europe, my favourite character in the Monster Blood Tattoo series.


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