So, I’ve spent the last two weeks researching for the sequel to Blood Sun (yep, it was always going to be a YA series) and I really want to play in Ancient Greece. There are a ton of cool things about the myth and history of Ancient Greece but I believe I’m settling on the Minoans.

The Minoans were a Bronze Age civilisation on the island of Crete that began in approx 3650 BC. You may think that you’ve never heard of these guys but there are quite a few famous legends that relate to the Minoans and the island of Crete. Ever heard of that angry half-man and half-bull dude the Minotaur? How about the labyrinth created by Daedalus or the fabled underwater city of Atlantis?

RARR! I eat you…right after you colour-me-in.

Steering away from myth and legend, there are two main points that have drawn me deeper into my research:

First, the Minoan religion was based on female deities with priestesses carrying out the main duties. Also, sports like bull-leaping (quite literally) were for both men and women. An ancient civilisation where women are equal and perhaps, the leaders of society? That’s cool.

How cute is this? Barbie dolls do Minoan. Check out this online paper to see more.

Secondly, there is little evidence in art and architecture to show that the Minoans were involved in war or conflict until the following period when the Mycenaeans came to town. This lack of evidence has left archaeologists searching for answers as to whether the Minoans were a rare example of a truly, peaceful society or if there is more to discover.

Minoans were a seafaring civilisation (because..uh…they lived on an island) and so a lot of their art reflects the sea.

I’m still narrowing my research down to find the exact storyline but I really love this non-stop learning geeky part of novel writing. It’s like being back at school but doing whatever I want to do…


One thought on “MINOANS. SO HOT RIGHT NOW.

  1. I'm right there with you, in a writerly frenzy of research myself. Love it!I hadn't realised all those myths belonged to the Minoans. Can't wait to learn more. Lead on, mistress of geek…Katherine

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