I’m visiting Tokyo for Christmas/New Year and it’s going to be totally awesome!

While trying to organise myself for the trip, I’ve thought about what I learned from my previous holiday to Tokyo in 2008. Here are five realisations I had during my last visit:

1. My winter wardrobe is absolutely useless.
I’m a Brisbane girl and in my part of the world, winter exists for about a week rather than three months. Who knew thick socks and chuck taylors would not pass as snow shoes? If I had been anywhere else in the world I would have gone shopping and righted my winter wardrobe but unfortunately 99% of japanese women are a size ‘enviously thin’. I am size ‘normal’.

2. I look funny.
My sister and I were in the line up for a ride at Tokyo Disney when a little boy turned around and gawped at us. He pointed up at my face and screamed, “Gaijin!!!!”. That’s when everyone in the line up (all Japanese folk) looked at me and my sister and giggled. Yes. We foreigners are very amusing (but you guys are so adorable).

3. Japan loves carbs.
So I expected to go to Japan and lose weight from all that sushi and sashimi. Yeah. Didn’t happen. I ate so much rice I thought I was going to turn into a rice ball. Anything I thought to be a vegetable dish ended up being rice, sauce and three slivers of carrot. Also, Tokyo seems to have a french-style bakery on every corner which really surprised me.

4. I can’t afford the shiny, pretty things in Ginza…even on sale.
Ginza! So shiny! So pretty! Ginza is where all the upmarket stores are like Chanel and Minimoto pearls. It is heaven…or would be if I could fit into the clothes and uh, afford them.

5. The people are lovely.
I’ve never had such amazing customer service in shops or resturants as I did in Japan. It didn’t matter that I couldn’t speak Japanese or if I was in a shop in Ginza or a tiny souvenir shop on Myajima island, these people were proud of their job. Also, some of them wear really cute hats and outfits for their work uniform which is so cool.

Oh yeah. The countdown to Tokyo is on!


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