I’ve been planning my next novel, editing another and researching for a short story. It’s a little chaotic but I’m enjoying switching between editing and researching depending on my mood. Sometimes I get frustrated that I’m not making as much progress as I want but little moments of serendipity make me stop and realise that everything is as it should be.

My next book takes place in Crete, which I’ve briefly talked about researching here. Every few months, I get emails from the American Institute of Archaeology magazine to vote on which cover I prefer for the next issue. The best part about voting is that I get to see the headlines early. So when I looked at the first cover and read, “First Minoan Shipwreck”, I jumped out of my seat and started dancing. It’s exactly the kind of information that I’m researching.

I’ve also been trying to talk myself in to getting my divers licence early next year. The next two books I want to write have a number of underwater scenes and I have no physical or emotional understanding of the deep sea. So, imagine my surprise when I discovered a friend I used to take acting classes with is going for their rescue divers licence. Not only that, but two other friends that I have known for a few months are also divers. It sounds crazy, but I think I’m meant to go diving.

Also, the short story I’m researching for is set in Brisbane after World War One. I have only started playing with the idea but then a friend’s mum had a collection of embroidered postcards sent home during the war sitting on the kitchen table. I wondered what it would have been like to get one of these postcards; a sign that the person you love is alive but without had any suggestion as to where they were or what they were doing. It made me curious to continue working on the story.

Somedays everything just seems to fall in to place.


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