Last year I realised that I had never written a kissing scene and I panicked.

I stared at the blinking cursor on my screen wondering how I was going to write this moment without sounding like a total idiot. For some reason, I thought it might help to remember my first kiss so I could find the words.

My first kiss was at a school dance. I went to an all-girls Catholic high school, so any contact with boys (especially a dance) was hot news. For those that don’t know, school dances are not about dancing. They’re about the dark corners behind the neat stack of plastic chairs, tallying who gets the most attention and coy walks to the water bubblers to see if the boy-of-the-minute is still cute under the fluorescent lighting.

The night had worn on and my friends and I were working on our sexiest moves when I was asked to dance by a mumbling boy in a black cap. Dancing in high school is easy; just hugging and two-stepping until you’re ready ‘for a walk’ or until you desperately signal a friend to save you from the boy’s sweaty grip.

Three or four whole songs may have played while I was dancing with Black Cap Boy (and I bet one of them was Salt-n-Pepa’s Push It). I looked up at him, thinking that I was getting tired of two-stepping when he leaned in close to me with his eyes closed. I thought, ‘This is it. I’m finally going to hit first base. I’m a woman.’

His lips were soft but then his teeth bumped against mine and I knew that this was no Hollywood kiss. His tongue swept inside my mouth, rolling and exploring until I began to worry about the saliva build-up between us. If his tongue didn’t retreat soon, we were going to need serviettes.

I pulled back, hoping that this was how other girl’s finished a kiss and finally swallowed. I didn’t meet his eye. Instead I saw a friend of mine looking at me with her thumbs up. I reached past the boy, grabbed her and wove through the crowd to the other side of the room to tell her about it. I never looked back and I never heard his name; he was just Black Cap Boy.

‘Aha,’ You say. ‘I bet Kathleen learned so much from dredging up such awkward memories.’ Nope. Unfortunately, I wanted to write a beautiful, intimate scene not an awkward one. Though I promise that writing my first kissing wasn’t nearly as awkward as my first kiss at the school dance.

Hope everyone has a fun Valentine’s day this weekend.


3 thoughts on “KISSING SCENES

  1. Ha! Doesn’t sound too far removed from my own first kiss. Mine was on an oval on New Years Eve under fire works, but just as awkward.

    You’ve made me realise that I’ve never written a kissing scene either! But by the time I do need to, I’m sure you’ll be quite experienced at them, so I know who I’ll be coming to for advice … I think writing them for the first time sounds about as clumsy as experiencing them for the first time!

  2. I love first-kiss stories. I socked the first boy who stuck his tongue in my mouth – I was twelve and totally grossed out. He tried to convince me that’s how we were supposed to do it. Yeah, right. As if.

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