I’d like to introduce a new page on my site called the 2010 Reading Project.

Recently, I met a guy who writes down a list of books he has read throughout the year. He used the list to prevent him from accidentally re-reading a novel when he thought he was reading something new.

I’m stealing his idea but for a different purpose.

Firstly, because I have no idea exactly how much I read in a year and also because I want to see how widely I read. It’s inevitable that most of the list will be YA books (because I love them) but I want to deviate into unfamiliar territory as well. I can honestly say that I’ve never read a romance novel and that the only epic fantasy I’ve ever read was The Lord of the Rings trilogy.

Secondly, because every time I meet a writer, agent, publisher or librarian they inevitably ask me who my favourite YA authors are and I can never give a solid answer. It might be because I tend to follow a series rather than an author but, then again, it might just be because I’m better at rambling than polite, succinct answers.

I’ll be updating the 2010 Reading Project list with each book I’ve finished reading until New Year’s Eve. It won’t include half-read books that I’ve thrown across my bedroom in disgust and it won’t include reviews. It’s just a list and it’s just for fun. Although, my published friends will be able to tell if I’ve finished reading their book or not 🙂


2 thoughts on “THE 2010 READING PROJECT

  1. Hey, Kel and I do the same, only I do it on Facebook (via Visual Bookshelf) and Kel keeps her list on

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