Last Thursday = Melina Marchetta, Anthony Eaton, Derek Landy, Chris Bongers and Marcus Zusak. Impressive, huh?

I thought so too. It was my first visit to the Somerset festival on the Gold Coast and I absolutely loved it. There was a really impressive line-up of authors and the set up meant for a really intimate festival designed for Childrens and Young Adult literature.

I always enjoy listening to authors talk about how they became published or how they came up with the ideas for their novels. How could I walk away from Melina Marchetta’s inspiring talk or Marcus Zusak’s incredible storytelling with anything less than a head swimming with encouragement and new ideas? Though, more than anything, I love festivals for catching up with friends and indulging my inner fan girl.

I promised my friend, Katherine, that I wouldn’t hide the gushy fan side of me. So she would be proud to know that I had three books signed and snatched the opportunity for a quick photo.

Me and author, Derek Landy, with our vogue-ish faces (as he called it). Squee!


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