I made a new writing rule for myself this week and it’s been working really well. The rule is that I’m not allowed on the internet until I’ve finished my writing for the day. It sounds simple and perhaps ridiculous but my writing sessions have become much more productive.

Personally, it’s not about the internet being another source of procrastination. I have a regular writing routine and that has really cancelled out any past problems I had with procrastination. For me, it’s about limiting the amount of rubbish in my head before I sit down to write and let’s be honest, the internet is brimming with bullshit.

I used to have a habit of jumping on the internet before every writing session. It was an obsession and I couldn’t retreat from the real world in to my writing without going through my emails, my facebook page and reading a few of my favourite blogs. The problem I found when I logged off, was that there was always something that distracted me while I was writing. Part of my mind was caught on someone’s stupid remark at the end of a news article or  considering advice that I had read on a blog.

Since banning my internet usage before I write, my only thoughts are about the next chapter and my need for a hot mug of caffeine (that habit will never die). I can only assume this is the reason why many writers only work in the morning and I’m noticing my routine shift towards that.



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