I have to tell you of this fear I have everytime I’m in a new class or in a waiting room or at the chemist.

It’s about my last name. For a surname of four letters people seem to have a lot of trouble with it.

Every time I’m in a situation where I know someone is going to say my full name I shrink with anticipation. I remember all the times someone has stood before me sitting with a group of strangers and called out in that painfully confident voice, ‘Kathleen Nude’.

I remember the tight-lipped smile I get when everyone looks at me as I stand up and I can hear them thinking, ‘Gosh, what an unfortunate surname. Wouldn’t you change it if that was your surname?’ I correct the pronunciation under my breath and pretend it never happened. (When I was little I used to say, ‘Noud rhymes with cloud’.)

Some days I giggle and other days I strut forward like I’m a burlesque star, but most of the time I’m sitting in the corner chair hoping I can give ten points to the person that says my name right.


7 thoughts on “NAME CALLING

  1. I had never thought of your last name that way until you mentioned it recently – I’ve always said Noud (rhymes-with-cloud) and don’t really get how anyone would pronounce it any other way!

    It might make you smile to imagine one day having that same fear when your name is read out for some massive literary award 🙂 At least that’s a nice fear to have…

  2. Oh, Lord, I hear you! Last name pronunciations can be so frustrating. I wish I had a dollar for every person who has asked me if I’m related to Elvis. It’s not even vaguely close. I can honestly say I’ve never considered your name as nude! And then there’s the spelling thing…another source of frustration…

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