I saw Kick Ass yesterday and I have to say it is a seriously amazing film. Kick Ass is based on a Marvel comic but it’s not about superheros with incredible powers, it’s about the people who idolise superheros and wished that they were one. If you don’t know the story, then check out the IMDB page here.

It’s a tight film that draws you in to the characters lives as well as having great fight choreography. Everything about the story was honest, from the people filming a fight on their camera phones instead of calling the police to the serious injuries from being beaten by two guys. Too often in action films, the fight scenes are shot so close and blurred that you wonder if they had any choreography. Kick Ass gives you space to watch every move and when the really inventive sequences arrive, they have been set up so well that you just want to believe it.

This film is definitely worth seeing but it’s not another Spiderman flick, so don’t take your kids.

I couldn’t help but notice the amount of mothers that had brought their ten year old boys to the movie and that really makes me angry. Kick Ass is rated MA15+ in Australia, meaning people under 15 can’t get in without an 18 year old’s supervision. The rating is there for a reason. There’s references to sex and drugs, the script holds every swear word you can think of and it has a ton of violence and gore.

I hope those mothers were squirming in their seats because I was sitting near three 10-year-old boys and they didn’t get the humour at all. (Surely, this is the same breed of stupid that took their eight-year-old to see Lady Gaga and had the audacity to complain about the content of the show.) I’m sure this film will get its share of controversy and I think most of those people penning hate mail are the ones that didn’t do their research.


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