I know. The series sounds cool before you know anything about it, right?

I promised that while I loathe reviewing, I would sometimes share gushy fan posts with you. Well, this is one of them.

For anyone that has been following my 2010 Reading Project, you would know that the last three books I’ve devoured have been from Michelle Paver‘s Chronicles of Ancient Darkness series. Now that I have finished them all, I can officially say that this is my all-time favourite children’s book series. Ever.

I usually find that I connect with a book because the writer holds similar interests or beliefs to me and has developed a story that brings this to life. This is absolutely true of Michelle Paver’s series.

The series is set in Stone Age Europe about a young boy called Torak. After his father’s death, Torak (who is Wolf-clan) sets off on a journey of his own where he learns about the darker past of his parents, the prophecy of his future and his destiny to save the other clans from the Soul Eaters.

Honestly, as soon as it was set in the Stone Age with an accessible voice, I was hooked. But after that I discovered that Torak’s best friend is a wolf with his own point of view chapters and his friend Renn is a proud, feisty and caring girl.  From these books, I learned about how people in Stone Age clans would have lived and within it was the most convincing story of good and bad spirits from their wild environment.

The language is gorgeous and the author has inserted research notes before her acknowledgements which describe parts of her research trips through the forests and mountains of Europe. (I can’t tell you how much I love reading research notes at the back of a book.)

To me, there is everything in this series that I want in a story. I don’t really pick up a book for a thriller or for an adventure. I want a drama, a romance, and an action-adventure all rolled in to one and if you’ve got a slice of history in it, then I’m sold.

It was past midnight when I finished reading the final book but I still wanted to live in the forest with Torak and play with Wolf. I wanted nothing more than to leave Brisbane behind and go back into their world and I would, quite honestly, recommend these books to anyone.


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