Back in my earlier blogging days, I told you what I thought my muse might look like. I like to think I have a few different muses – not because I believe in the idea – but more because it makes sitting down at my computer for hours and hours a little more fun.

The last few days, I’ve had my evil inner critic sitting on my shoulder obliterating every sentence I write before I’ve even reached the full stop. Yeah. Some writing days are torture.

(This is the part where people say ‘but you love writing’ and ‘isn’t that the fun of it?’. Are you crazy? Does re-writing the same paragraph for an hour and a half sound like fun to you?

Writing can be fun. Apparently roller coasters are too. Though, I’m guessing that you’re going to hate that ride if it malfunctions and leaves you trapped in an upside down loop for a couple of hours. See, sometimes even fun things suck.)

I wanted to put a face to my evil inner critic and this is what I chose.

Oh yes. My inner critic is a blue meanie. They always freaked me out in the Yellow Submarine, so it seems fitting that my inner critic looks like one of them (but is also something I can defeat). If I had chosen something more terrifying than that, I’d probably never write again.

Let me know if you’ve put a face to your inner critic, or if you have another way of squashing that evil voice back to the shadows where it belongs.


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