Earlier this week I hit a milestone for my writing: I decided that my first manuscript, Blood Sun, was submission-ready.

I’ve often wondered how I would know when my first book was submission-ready and I’m still not sure that I have the answer. Most of it had to do with instinct and making sure that I was finally happy with the plot, the characters and my writing style from start to finish. However, it was a full manuscript request that made me finally realise that this draft was going to be the one.

Blood Sun is my first manuscript and it has been through an insane amount of plot changes, character re-thinks and full re-writes (when I say full re-write, I mean it). Very early in my attempts to write the story, I was lucky enough to score my first writing credit – a place in the Australian Society of Authors mentorship program – which boosted my confidence enormously and I’m not sure I could have gotten this far without it.

I wondered how I would feel after I had finally finished editing Blood Sun. I’ve read about people feeling depressed, lost or anxious after sending a project away but I haven’t experienced any of it. I feel much the same.

I’m passionate about Blood Sun but it’s fate, for the moment, is out of my control and I’m just as excited about my next two projects (both of which are very ‘beachy’ and will be fun to write during winter). Of course it probably helps that one of these projects is the sequel to Blood Sun, and I am so excited to put my two lead characters through their paces again and cause them more need for therapy in the beautiful island of Crete.

And I’ve been thinking, since I went on a research trip to Peru and the Amazon jungle for my last manuscript, then I really should start planning a trip to Crete …

Yeah, well, someone’s got to do it …


4 thoughts on “SUBMISSION READY

  1. That’s a huge milestone! I hope you did some serious celebrating after sending it off.

    I’m all for research trips. Andrew keeps bugging me to set novels in certain countries so we have a good excuse to head over. Now get on the phone to your travel agent…

    • Thanks Katherine. I’ve been celebrating and taking an easy week before I get back into it on Monday. And Andrew has the right idea about those research holidays 🙂

  2. Well done you! Even the keenest publishers take months to get back, so you are wise having other projects to distract you. Concentrate on Crete (and wouldn’t we all like to do that?) 🙂

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