I’ve been a little distant on the interwebs lately. Unfortunately, the real world smothered me and any post I attempted to write was so dull or nonsensical that I thought it best to lay low rather than announce my insanity. However, during my absence I’ve learned a few things that I wanted to share:

  1. If I don’t have time to daydream, then I don’t have time to think clearly. My constant daydreaming is a necessary part of my scattered brain figuring itself out. Without it I don’t actually make a lot of sense, in real life or in my imaginary worlds.
  2. Sometimes the ‘writers’ that brag the loudest are actually just insecure and terrified.
  3. There is no possible way to write a good writer’s bio without sounding like a bit of a douche. (Trust me, I asked my friends on Facebook and they agreed so it has to be true.)
  4. Every time I get good news about my writing, I blab it to my friends and then spend the rest of the day re-reading the email or the phone conversation notes I took, hoping that it’s not some cruel trick of my imagination.
  5. Glee is the best television show in the world. I did dancing and acting classes as a kid and I’m telling you if I could sing, I’d give up writing in a heartbeat. There is something about musicals that make me feel completely alive.
  6. Having said that, I actually feel angry and stressed when I’m not writing. I’m not saying I don’t get those feelings at certain stages in my projects but they’re much, much worse when I’m not telling stories.

I’ll let you know when I get my groove back…


2 thoughts on “A FEW THOUGHTS FOR JUNE

  1. Don’t you hate the real world? Such a killjoy. Who asked it to the party anyway?

    I swear, it often feels like you pluck your posts from my head. Number 1 is SO true for me – I need time to sit in my own head for a while each day or I start to go loopy. And number 4 is so true but so cruel. I got the scholarship news on April 1st of all days, which just heightened the usual anxiety!

    PS. I now can’t shake the vision of you as Rachel, belting out a show tunes ballad…

  2. That’s only funny because not long ago I had an idea for a post but you published one almost the same and I had to think of something else! You and your mind voodoo. ;o)

    Your April Fools story is a good one. I think that’s one you’ll still be telling budding authors in twenty years. It’s too perfect!

    PS. You are loopy. Daydreaming time or not. Hahaha!

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