CYA Conference 2010

The CYA conference is quite special to me. I remember turning up at the 2008 conference, knowing absolutely no one and with no idea what to expect. Many of the people I met that day are now close writing friends of mine and are there to support me through setbacks and success.

I suspect this is what conferences are really about: luring writers, emerging and published, out of their hidey-holes and throwing them together in a room to catch-up (with food and coffee, of course). It almost sounds like a social experiment, but it is one I am more than happy to be a part of.

The great part about CYA is that everyone there loves writing for children and young adults. We all charge towards the children’s section in a bookstore no matter what our age and we are all salivating over the recent releases. (Mockingjay = devoured. Mortal Coil = to read.) Also by writing for children and young adults, we have similar passions but write completely different things from Steve Cole’s Astrosaurs series to Gabrielle Wang’s Little Paradise, and I find that this is an amazing learning process in itself.

This year, I entered the competition and received a highly commended in the YA section for an extract from my mermaid book. I’m really happy to have such encouragement for the project and it’s come at a nice time as I had finished the first draft a few days before the conference.

Thank you to Tina and Ally for CYA and for your continued support. And another thank you to Sheryl and Katherine, for your friendship when I was wide-eyed and nervous-like at my first conference. I’ll never forget that.


8 thoughts on “CYA Conference 2010

  1. Curiously I’m reading Steve Cole (although he is called Stephen Cole on my cover) but some of his work for older readers (published through the BBC/Random House).

    Co-inky-dink, I don;t think so 🙂

  2. Hey Kathleen

    Well done to you for your win, and was so nice to see you back again. So glad you enjoy the conference and that it is filling that space for professional development.

    Chatter soon.

    Bye 4 now

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  4. I have only recently thrown myself into writing, so am new to the literary scene. I hadnt heard of the CYA conference, and was attending events at the Brisbane Writers Festival. It sounds like it is an extremely valuable conference, and as I am currently completeing a childrens book series, will be listening out for the 2011 details 🙂

    • Hey Kathleen, and aselftaughtauthor

      I just left a message on the previous messages blog ( looks like it belongs to a A.L. Donnelly) but not sure they are looking at their own blog and hoping that they might have reply alert on from this post.

      Just updating them of the CYA Conference dates for 2011 ( not that you need a reminder Kathleen!)

      Bye 4 now

      Message for aselftaughtauthor:
      Hi A.L. Donnelly

      Last year you posted a blog reply into Kathleen’s blog:

      CYA Conference is on again this year on 10th September (11th for children) in Brisbane, if you want to take a look at the program, its on

      You mentioned that you wanted to ‘listen out’ for the details – so I thought I should let you know whats happening.

      Who knows, perhaps we will even see you there!

      CYA Later!
      Coordinator – CYA Conference

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