Mysterious Mysteries

This month, my brain has been over-loaded and turned to mush. I have been to both the CYA and SCBWI conference and have more advice than my little brain cells can handle. I’ve attended more book launches in the last few weeks than I’ve ever attended in my life and I’m transitioning from one work-in-progress to another.

But despite all of that, I know that this teensy story is true.

I found a USB in the back of my car this weekend that I’ve never seen before. I’m the second-owner of my car and I’ve had it for years now. There’s hardly ever anyone in the back seat and I just can’t figure out how the USB got there or who’s it could be. That’s the dull back-story.

What freaked me out was the name on the USB.

Mira is the lead character in my mermaid book and I had only recently finished writing the first draft. I’m quite secretive with my writing projects, so there are only a few people in the entire world who would know that.

Weird, huh?

I’ve had a few people ask what’s on the USB, but I don’t want to know. If I leave it a mystery then the magic stays alive with it and I prefer that to whatever the truth may be. In my experience, magic tends to be better than the truth…


6 thoughts on “Mysterious Mysteries

  1. What an amazing coincidence, Kathleen. I admire your self-control not to view the contents of the USB. Maybe it might show you the owner and he/she be desperate to have it back holding their only copy of their WIP. Oops, my imagination is getting the better of me. I think there’s a story there for you, though, just in the discovery. Go for it. 🙂 Chris

  2. OMG, that is freaky, Kathleen! I knew a Mira once, but I think she was killed in South America.
    BTW, you’re invited to my book launch on the 22nd October 6.30pm at Black Cat Books (Paddo). Invite coming soon. 🙂

  3. Amazing and freaky all at the same time. You have a much greater discipline than I. I would so have to know what was on that USB – it would keep me awake at night. Go you for hanging onto the magick and mystery of it all.

    Magick is always better than truth…but I am a seeker of truth as well – can’t help myself 🙂 But you know what – now I need to know what’s on that USB and it will probably keep me awake just thinking about how amazing you are for ignoring it LOL

  4. Hey Kathleen

    Better not to know whats on the USB incase it is a virus and you upload it by accident – but I am so with everyone else, I would want to know….even if its just to see the name of the USB.

    Suggestion if curiosity gets the better of you: Go to the apple store and plug it in there – nothing loads on an apple that you don’t say yes to so you won’t upload a virus there, but you will se whats on the disk, and if they have given it a name.

    Mira is also the name of a publishing line in Harlequin Mills and Boon, so you might very well have someones single title travelling around with you….

    Alternatively you could find its just someones photies that they have lost and would love back….

    Bye 4 now

  5. Before I looked what was on the USB stick I would write it’s story. There’s defintiely one there!

    Excellent to meet you at SCBWI. Hopefully next time we will find opportunity for a proper chat!

  6. Will you guys think I’m a bad person if I tell you I had never even considered handing the USB back? I must be stuck in third grade. I’m still following the finders keepers rule.

    I agree there is a story there. It was one of the first thoughts I had when I found it actually 🙂

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