Just a few things

I’ve been crazy busy since the end of September but I have my fingers crossed that the year will start to calm down (as long as I stay away from the fiery dens of Westfield). Here are the writing bits and pieces that have been keeping me going.

1. My article, Taking baby steps, was published in the October Writing Queensland magazine. It was a two-page feature on the smaller ‘baby steps’ that an emerging writer can take while working towards publication. It was never actually a plan to take those smaller steps (competitions, short stories etc) while I worked on bigger projects, but it seems to be happening that way. I hope it helped other QWC members who are reaching out for the same goals as I am.

2. I received my shiny, beautiful copy of the Award Winning Australian Writing 2010 anthology. It’s the best mail I’ve gotten all year and it was very exciting to see my name in print. For those who asked where they could buy copies, I would order through Melbourne Books in the first instance, otherwise look through the online bookstores.

3. Lastly, I finished the first draft of my current WIP last Monday. It’s so different from any of my other projects that I felt like I was writing my first-ever manuscript all over again. (Yep. There were good times and bad times and seriously painful times with this one.)  The story has taken approximately seven weeks to put into first-draft form and I’m really looking forward to the re-writes and editing.

Best wishes to anyone who was doing NaNoWriMo. I think you’re mad, but I’m probably not one to talk about that.


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