Leaving on a jet plane (and yeah, that song is stuck in my head)

Soon I’ll be crammed into economy class, soaring through the night sky and chowing down tasteless airplane meals at all sorts of strange hours. Yippee! Cambodia and Vietnam, here I come!

It’s not one of those ‘lounging on the beach’ sort of holidays, though. We’ll be travelling from city to city through Cambodia and Vietnam trying to cram in as much as we possibly can. Life can become so sedentary (especially for a writer) and I’m really excited about being outdoors and walking as much as I can. If I have goals for this trip, it’s to ditch computer screens and reconnect with nature, buy a hideous tourist singlet that will make me laugh for years to come and sight-see in Ho Chi Minh without getting run over by a motorbike.

The past two months have been so different to what I had hoped. I’ve had relatives in surgery, relatives in earthquakes, a few writing epiphanies (the kind that force you to stop and rethink, rather than plough ahead) and a new job in communications (yes, back to full-time for me).

The editing and proofing process for the One Book Many Brisbanes anthology has also been keeping me busy. It’s been an intensive process (a month from masterclass to final proofing, I think) but absolutely invaluable to experience how publishing works on a smaller-scale before I experience it with a book of my own.

But time is getting away from me and, of course, I haven’t finished packing, have I?


2 thoughts on “Leaving on a jet plane (and yeah, that song is stuck in my head)

  1. I’m so happy to hear you are on your way. Have an absolute blast and travel safe. And I hereby order you to don and model that touristy singlet at our next catch up. Enjoy, Lovely one. You too, Kent! xoxo

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