Making time to write

There has been a lot of change in my little world recently and I’ve had to pull back from a few commitments to adjust to my new routine.

Last month I changed jobs, saying farewell to part-time hours and moving back to full-time work. It felt like the right time to return to the Monday to Friday routine and I have a few goals that require better finances to turn them into a reality. My new job is a great opportunity where I get to interact with creative and passionate people and develop my writing skills. I draft newsletters and update web content for various clients, proofread marketing materials and write communications plans for using social media.

Of course, all this change has also meant an overhaul in my writing habits and routine. Even after a month, I’m still learning how to kick-start my brain after doing my corporate writing all day and some nights I struggle to ‘switch off’ so that I can sleep and recharge. I’m learning though and I’m starting to gain momentum again.

If anyone else is in a similar situation, these are a few ideas to re-create your writing routine:

1. Submit your writing (but only if you have something ready). Sometimes just dropping your manuscript in the post will give you the momentum to get back to a daily routine. It’s a really positive action and a good reminder that you’ve written a short story or manuscript before and you can do it again.

2. Set a timeframe (even if it doesn’t feel right at first). Over the last few weeks, I’ve made 8.30 – 10.30pm my writing time. It’s not my most productive time to write and I might eventually try writing in the early mornings (Ugh. Early mornings.) but it’s helping me make writing a daily activity again and keeps my projects fresh in my mind.

3. Have a plan B in case your brain cells won’t kick in. I have two projects on-the-go at the moment. One is in the editing stages and the other is in the early research and planning stages. Some nights I’ve wanted to edit but my brain can’t handle more than googling interesting and gruesome facts about Ancient Egypt and Rome. It’s my plan B. While I’m adjusting to my new routine, I’m trying to be flexible with my writing goals and be willing to make progress any way I can.

4. Exercise. I haven’t been exercising lately and I’m regretting it now.  Regular exercise will keep your ‘computer posture’ in check and is the best stress relief while you’re adjusting to your busier life.

So to all my poor friends that I’ve been neglecting lately, I’ve almost got my routine sorted out and I hope to be catching-up with you soon. To those writers who are re-assessing their writing habits, I wish you the best of luck with your new routine.


2 thoughts on “Making time to write

  1. Thank you for this post. I have always wanted to write and a recent layoff this year after years of working left me with no excuses! However, after 30 days attempting to write about our experiences with my husband’s PTSD, I left to spend the summer (the first ever) with my grandchildren. Resuming my writing has been difficult…reading this has helped. Much thanks!

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