Launching One Book Many Brisbanes 6

Last Wednesday, I had the pleasure of attending the launch for the One Book Many Brisbanes 6 anthology.

It was a surreal experience for many of us, milling about with the book finally in our hands and wearing name tags that declared us as ‘winning authors’. We caught up with each other for the first time since the masterclass, checking that we were all still writing and introducing family and friends as it finally dawned on us that this was our book launch.

After a welcome speech by Lord Mayor Graham Quirk, we had our fair share of mingling and photo opportunities before being ushered to the signing tables. It was great fun to have all of us sitting side-by-side at a row of tables that lined one side of the room and around the corner, passing books along like a conveyor belt until all of our signatures were on each requested copy.

I don’t think any of us had even thought about signatures until then but I guarantee, we will all have better ones next time!

The One Book Many Brisbanes competition was something that I had always wanted to enter and I’m glad that I did before it was too late. It’s disappointing to learn that the program will now be put on hold; something which I only discovered from reading the news from SMH and Brisbane Times. Many programs are being cut in Brisbane due to the cost of the flood, but our arts programs always seem to be the first to go (although, I’m sure everyone says that about what they’re most passionate about).

It’s a lesson for any writers out there who are dreaming of entering a specific competition or attending a certain event; go for it now as it may not be around later on.

For those who are keen to read the  One Book Many Brisbanes 6 edition, you can borrow the book or buy one from the Brisbane City Council libraries. Otherwise the pdf versions of all the stories are available on the council website with a great set of discussion questions for readers.

Many thanks again to the wonderful Queensland Writers Centre and Brisbane City Council for the opportunity.


4 thoughts on “Launching One Book Many Brisbanes 6

  1. A HUGE congrats honey! Signing books – wow, so exciting! What a buzz. Can’t wait to get my hands on a copy. Your first book launch of many 🙂 xx

    PS. So sad to hear the comp has been cancelled after this year…

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