Down the rabbit hole

Sometimes, I think that the best thing an artist can do is to burrow away and get lost in their work.

Reality throws us so many distractions with work, family and all of our goals and dreams end up sandwiched somewhere in-between. Trying to be amazing at everything always ends up getting the better of us and we don’t tend to notice until we’re struggling with insomnia or just left feeling flat and uninspired.

I find that it’s usually not a matter of finding the time to write, but finding the brain space to be creative again. Sometimes, there’s so much information running through my head that I miss out on my daydreaming and creative thought for days at a time. I end up feeling boxed-in and I know I need some down time to get my creativity back, or even better, a retreat.

So I’ve extended my weekend and starting from Friday, I’m diving down the rabbit hole to give my creativity a workout. I’ve been preparing all week by catching up on sleep, exercise and tackling my bedside reading pile. I’m de-cluttering and putting together what I want to work on this weekend.

I have an idea of what I’d like to achieve but more than anything, I want to devote myself to a fully creative weekend. I’m not worried if I spend the whole time going through my drawing books (yes, I’m slowly teaching myself), playing with new story ideas or editing one of my manuscripts.

The idea came from the Queensland Writers Centre via their Facebook page. (No, I haven’t registered but yes, I’m doing it.) If you can’t join in this weekend, then have a look at your calendar and see when you can make that commitment to give reality the flick. Sometimes all you need is a long weekend for you and your art.


2 thoughts on “Down the rabbit hole

  1. Great post, Kat. I struggle with finding headspace & time for creating. The rabbit hole is a great way to honour our creative spirit & should make it mandatory time for ourselves on a regular basis 🙂 have a magickal & inspired weekend & may your muse visit you in a frenzied spirit!

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