Light and shadow

I’ve been a bit down on myself and my writing this year. There’s a whole lot of factors that go in to this, but it’s mostly a case of too many life changing events at once. So when I resurface from the chaos I have these desperate moments where I just want to escape and write. But here’s the funny thing…

For a few months, all I want to write is comedy. I’m sick of taking everything so seriously and I’ve made an ass of myself enough that I’m pretty good at seeing the funny side of things. Sometimes, it’s a great idea that’s pulling at me and other times I’m so sick of everything feeling like doom and gloom that I just want to laugh and feel good again.

Then I change direction completely. I want to be drawn to something darker. Something that makes me feel okay because, sure, my life has taken a tumble but I’m not the only one. Something that doesn’t make life sound like it’s all sun showers, ponies and glitter nail polish.

(Aside: Can you imagine what’s it’s like in my head? I have to live with this. It’s ridiculous.)

So my stories grow into two categories. They are light and shadow. Ideally, my favourite stories are ones that make me laugh and cry. The ones that rip your heart out and piece it back together just a little bit differently than before. But some stories don’t fit into both categories.

For some reason this year, I’ve been hounding myself thinking, ‘When am I going to settle into writing a type of book?’

It’s only recently that I’ve thought, ‘Well, that’s a stupid question. Why do I have to settle at all?’

I’d say I’m both light and shadow, but that would make me sound like a total wanker. So I’ll say that sometimes my life is a RomCom (not a shitty Katherine Heigl one) and other days my life feels like a Drama (occasionally verging on Shakespearean tragedy). So I like both kinds of stories and I’ll write both.

Admittedly, most of my stories have a sense of darkness around them. I’m okay with that too. Certain parts of me will always come through my writing in one disguised form or another. I just don’t feel like I need to box up my creativity anymore than that. And I’m surprised that I hadn’t figured that out sooner.


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