Project pictures: Fake

Since my last post I’ve moved house, had a birthday and started Nanowrimo. My brain cells are scattered and my words a low, though I had promised to give you a few teaser pics for my current wip.

This is an insight into my YA manuscript, Fake.

Please know that none of these pictures are mine. I’m just using them for inspiration. Most of the cool ones I found on


3 thoughts on “Project pictures: Fake

  1. I love the gathering of images like you have done here. Gets me all fired up to write and also anchors me better to the story. We’ll have to get together and compare notes when things settle down in homesville. Very happy for you that you can now start that wonderful settling in phase where you can brand your place as your own whilst getting on with the other bits of life. xox

  2. Say the word – and don’t forget I can test drive your back yard for potential dog safety…just let me know and I can book Sambhu Houdini in for a consult…

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