Save your soul with simple pleasures

I love the word pleasure. It sounds kind of naughty but I think that’s more because it’s not a word we commonly use in our day to day lives.

But this week the words I’ve been hearing are more like, ‘hate’, ‘over it’, ‘have to’, ‘no choice’, and ‘weekend’. (Yes, weekend is a positive word but how can loving only two days out of seven be a good thing?)

It’s true that 2012 seems to be showing us all some tough love. Whether your relationship has broken down, or you’ve lost your job or you’re living in the… ahem… rapidly changing state of Queensland.

But it’s not true that you have to give up on your happiness, your beliefs and your dreams because of this change and uncertainty.

There’s a line from the film, Midnight in Paris, that I think a lot of people like me should write down and stick to their study pin board, bedside table or fridge as a daily reminder.

In the film Gertrude Stein says, “The artist’s job is not to give in to despair but to find an antidote to the emptiness of existence”.

I believe this whole heartedly but I’m seeing too many wonderful people sinking into despair. If this is you, then you need to listen to me right now.

Never sacrifice your happiness, your beliefs and your dreams.

Never give anyone the power to strip these things from you.

You must stop mewing with misery and woe before it destroys you. There will always be people who want to crush you under their heels. Never do it to yourself. Reclaim your joie de vivre! Do something that you love today. Do that thing as often as you can. Surely you’ve noticed that when you’re high on life, new people and opportunities find you so easily?

If you’re struggling to remember what makes you happy then steal some of my ideas.

A few of my simple pleasures are:

  • gardening (I’m using the term loosely – I’m hopeless at it)
  • reading in bed
  • walking along the waterfront
  • pilates and stretching
  • drinking tea
  • cleaning: musical style (basically me singing and dancing around the house while I clean it).

Maybe none of these things will change the world. But they’ll make you happy and more aware of the beauty around you. And don’t you think that being happy and aware might change your life right now?

Yeah. I think so too.

So reclaim your happiness, your soul and your dreams! Do it now! And let me know what your simple pleasures are. I’m always willing to try something new.

As for me, Lady Gaga’s playing and it’s time to clean the house. Better get my dancing shoes on.


3 thoughts on “Save your soul with simple pleasures

  1. I hear you sista! Ditto to everything you just said – ooh except for the bit about Lady Gaga 🙂

    I too have been hearing a lot of negative words, HATE, fed up, pissed off, who gives a…and so the list goes on. And it can be easy to sink into despair as 2012 really ramps it up and turns everything on its head for better or worse.

    We should however, never, ever give up. I happen to listen to Neil Gaiman’s speech (mentioned on your blog in an earlier post). I will mention here again: I listen to it everyday because I need to remind myself to not give up on my dreams and stay true to my path.

    Some of my simple pleasures are:

    * the smell of incense
    * gardening
    * a walk by the ocean and meditating
    * taking photographs
    * making vision boards
    * cuddling my cat
    * have the music really loud while driving and singing at the top of my lungs
    * dancing – anywhere, anytime just because I can and it’s fun 🙂

    On that note I will go off now and dance while doing some cleaning or NOT to
    ‘El Camino’ ~ The Black Keys and remember to keep my DREAM alive and well ♥

    Thx for sharing x

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