Celebrate your nerdy side

You probably found my blog because you’re a bit of a nerd. And you know what? I really love that about you.

Being nerdy about something means you’re passionate. It means you’re not content to just skim the surface. You need to know more. You’re driven to explore, research and experience life just that level deeper because it enriches you. It makes you who you are.

Lately I’ve been thinking about who really inspires me. These people usually hold the same values as me and are sharing it with total authenticity and loving every minute of it. They’re singers and actors and entrepreneurs who live in the flow of their passion and they don’t compromise.

But there are everyday people who totally blow my mind with their intense passion (read: who live and breathe with such incredible nerdiness that you go crazy for them). So I wanted to share with you my latest hero.

You know why I love this guy? He’s so joyous. So real and honest. And his enthusiasm is so catchy. Listening to how ridiculously excited he is makes me happy.

So I want you to go forth and celebrate your nerdy side. Whether you’re excited about rare, musty books or football or train spotting. Commit time to it. Share it. It’s in your veins.

And if you needed just another dose of happiness, you’ll be glad to know the train came back…


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