2013 SOYA Written Word shortlist

I’m so thrilled to be a finalist in this year’s Spirit of Youth Awards Written Word category.

I’ve had my head down for most of the year, developing my arts teaching business and going through a lot of upheaval in day job land, so I had entered in hope of receiving some encouragement for my writing.

Before I entered, I asked other writers about ‘being ready’ and ‘being good enough’ to submit for certain competitions and grants. We came to the conclusion that no one ever feels that confident and the best way to discover if you’re ready is to submit.

So, I’m glad I submitted to SOYA. (Despite looking through the other entries and deciding I didn’t have a chance.)  And being shortlisted has made me realise that I’m a harsh judge when it comes to my own writing.

It’s an honour to be listed alongside such talented and experienced writers and I’m enjoying reading their work on a rainy Friday afternoon.

Luckily, I have plenty of distraction from the rest of the judging process. I’ve started editing a YA manuscript that I love, I’m preparing for my first in-class show with my junior drama class and after that I’m heading for a few weeks of adventure in the UK and Europe.

You can read through my portfolio or view the other finalists on the SOYA website.


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