February: everyday creative challenge

It’s February, friends, so that means:

  1. There’s a heap of snarky articles about how you were always destined to fail your New Year goals
  2. Valentine’s Day is coming (which will inspire just as many snarky articles).

People love to hate New Year’s goals and Valentine’s Day.

What if you make some bold goal for 2016 and you don’t lose weight or get published or win the promotion? What if another Valentine’s Day rolls around and you’re still single? Or it highlights how many problems you have in your current relationship? Isn’t it all commercial rubbish anyway to sell diet shakes and chocolates and productivity apps?

I don’t think so. Sure it’s some strange ritual humans made up, but I like it. I like believing I can upgrade my life every year. And I’ve enjoyed just as many Valentine’s days single and hanging out with friends as I have creating last-minute homemade cards for my boyfriend.

I don’t believe you’ve failed your goals this year. You’ve lived through one month out of twelve, which means you’ve got another eleven months to do whatever you want.

Were you going to write a novel this year? Quit smoking? Run 10km? Renovate the house? Make new friends? I have great news – there’s still time.

And as for love, I’ve got a creative proposition for you. At the beginning of every month, I’ll be blogging a monthly creativity challenge. I’m calling it Everyday Creative.

It won’t be exhausting, in fact, it’s designed for people in full-time jobs, study or looking after tiny, needy whipper-snappers. If you’ve always wanted to be creative (honestly, you already are), need a creative top-up or are looking for your creative mojo then Everyday Creative can help.

Ready? (I’m assuming you said yes.)

Here’s your Everyday Creative challenge for February 2016 (it comes in two parts).

1. Pick one creative thing you love.

Valentine’s is coming, so I mean really love and enjoy! Here’s some suggestions: cooking and baking, re-decorating your bedroom, building your TV cabinet from scratch, making up ridiculous stories with your niece, reading a different genre book, taking photos of your outfits everyday and try to look different each time, journal writing, gardening, plan dates with your partner that cost no money at all. You get the idea. Remember, being creative means using your imagination to make something a reality. Don’t overthink it!

2. Do that creative thing four times in February.

This will help you get in to a routine. Maybe once a week, you’ll bake a new cake or visit a different museum or take photos of your cat. It doesn’t matter! Just do it four times this month.

The February challenge is to bring you closer to what you love (high fives for Aphrodite) and to do it as much as you can.

Feeling brave? Share in the comments what you’re creative hobby will be this month.


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